Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bro.Satish Kumar -Calvary Mission

In 1983 "The Lord looked down from heaven and said, 'Where can I find the weakest, littlest, lowliest and most useless and unwanted man on earth?'

Then He saw me and said, 'I've found him. I will work through him, I will put my word and my passion with in Him to reach millions, and then he won't be proud of it. He'll see that I am only using him because he is useless without me....., then the vision was born to reach millions.

In 1994 when God found that young boy willing to forsake everything and follow Christ alone and knows not how to survive without God……. then CALVARYMISSION is born with the vision to empty the Hell.

Mistakes that lead us to
  • A doctor's mistake is buried.
  • A lawyer's mistake is imprisoned.
  • An accountant's mistake is jailed.
  • A dentist's mistake is pulled.
  • A pharmacist's mistake is dead.
  • An electrician's mistake is shocking.
  • A carpenter's mistake is sawdust.
  • A teacher's mistake is failed.
  • A Preacher’s mistake is HELL.
    Knowing this the mistake of a preacher can lead some one to Hell …..
    My Prayer
    Lord! I may Go where you send me,
    I may do exactly what you ask me,
    I may finish the race that you have given me,
    Help me to do nothing less nothing more nothing else.
    Our Success
    To be able to spend money only to preach Christ;
    To be able to mind our business to reach the lost at any cost,
    To be able to press forward like an elephant when Dogs barks,
    To be able to keep on the job until it is finished;
    To be able to do one's duty even when one is not watched;
    To be able to accept criticism without being moved,
    To be able glorify God and God alone.
    Our Motto
    Be first or be different or be best.